In the online shop you will be able to acquire finished products as well as PRE-SALE products (they will be labeled on the web with the word presale) these are still in the production process and are not 100% finished. Since our garments have more than 186 hours of work on hand.

How do I know that a product is on PRE-SALE and how is it paid for?

The products in PRE-SALE are individualized in the name and description of the product, BEFORE making the purchase or adding it to the cart.

Buying in PRESALE You always have the benefit of the% 15 discount. You can pay with MERCADOPAGO from our online store or by bank transfer. I will agree that all the designs are UNIQUE AND NOT REPEATED, so buying in PRE-SALE you ensure the garment you want before it is published to the public finished :)

How long does it take to get the PRE-SALE that I buy?

The PRE-SALE product will be finished within a period of approximately 7 to 10 business days from when the payment of your purchase order was confirmed. During that period, you can write to us by mail to to inquire about the status of your design!

Do we know the exact date of entry of the products in PRE-SALE of your purchase?

NO! The level of design of each garment varies a lot, we will not be able to provide you with an exact date to deliver it, but every effort is made to finish it as soon as possible! Sometimes the product will be ready a few days after buying it, and other times a little later. But keep in mind that we always try to deliver the designs as soon as possible.

Once the deadline is met and from the brand we have the design ready to deliver, what do we do?

There the normal assembly and delivery times of the designs begin to run, depending on the option you have chosen for shipping.


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